Monday, October 18, 2010

Second Week of OSSEC Roundup: Day 2

So here are the day 2 blog posts:

2WoO Day 2: Abusing OSSEC by Michael Starks

WoO Day 2 : In The Beginning ... by Jason Frisvold

This Blog is Monitored by OSSEC by Xavier Mertens

Ossec – Architecture and Implementation – Best practices ? by K4l4m4r1s

Ossec Server Install on my Ubuntu machine by K4l4m4r1s

Deploying OSSEC for Windows with Bigfix  by Shawn Jefferson (a recent convert to OSSEC)

And the self promoting link: Rule 1002 - Just a quick note about Rule 1002, kind of a prelude for another couple of posts.

mstarks also started a thread on the mailing list asking for stories on how OSSEC saved the day or saved money. You can read it here. Feel free to join the list and contribute.

And a quick thanks to I've used the site to read and look for archives on other lists for years now. Only recently did I realize the ossec-list was being mirrored there as well.

So there's day 2, what do you think of the posts?

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