Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Second Annual Week of OSSEC Roundup: Day 3

Abusing OSSEC the Countermeasures - Michael Starks showed us how to break OSSEC yesterday, today he's showing us how to protect against these attacks.

Contributing to OSSEC - A post by Daniel Cid on giving back to the OSSEC community specifically, but the principles are probably the same for all Open Source/Free Software projects.

Meet the Agent by Jason Frisvold gives a great introduction to configuring agents through ossec.conf and shared/agent.conf

These next 2 posts seem to be the "go to" source for Bigfix and OSSEC integration:
Using Bigfix for Mass Deployments of OSSEC agents for Windows  by Shawn Jefferson

Monitoring your OSSEC installation with Bigfix also by by Shawn Jefferson

My contribution: OSSEC Decoders 101

And here's another just sent to the list: OSSEC to the rescue

The discussion topic of the day: 2WoO Day 3: Time to share: rules, configs, tips and tricks.

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