Monday, October 18, 2010

Second Week of OSSEC Roundup: Day 1

This is just a roundup of the Second Week of OSSEC (2WoO) posts on (or before) day 1:

Week of OSSEC: Day -2: Syngress released a few chapters of the OSSEC book, and is offering 30%.

PaloAlto Firewall Threat Monitoring Using OSSEC: @xme explains and posts a decoder and sample rules for a PaloAlto firewall.

2WoO Day 1: Crowdsourcing Log Integrity & Non-repudiation: Michael Starks discusses the idea of making hashes public to help prove logs weren't tampered with.

WoO Day 1 : Introduction: Jason Frisvold gives a quick introduction to what OSSEC is.

If I missed any, please let me know!

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