Tuesday, November 1, 2011

More OSSEC Documentation

During the 3WoO I posted about the current state of the OSSEC documentation (3woo ossec documentation) and how you can help. This post is about the future of the OSSEC documentation.

I want to keep new features that haven't been in an official release documented, but not in the official OSSEC documentation. I thought this might keep people from getting confused and trying to use a new feature in an older version (I've done it, it isn't pretty). Thankfully mercurial makes having multiple repositories simple. I have a number of sandbox repositories, that will never see the light, filled with half baked ideas and dead ends.

The OSSEC documentation has now been forked. By the person maintaining the old documentation. It's not very exciting, I know (there's more exciting bits later, keep reading!). Most of the information will be the same between the ossec-rules repository and the ossec-docs-dev repository. ossec-docs-dev is just the development area. So changes to ossec-rules will make it into ossec-docs-dev, and when the next version of OSSEC (currently 2.7) is released ossec-docs-dev changes will be pushed into ossec-rules.

Now here's the exciting bit of the new repository: OSSEC 101! We're starting a new section to detail the life cycle of an OSSEC setup. It will cover installation, configuring, tuning, expanding, integrating, and more! It's just a skeleton outline at the moment, but it's being worked on.

I'd love input from the community on anything I'm doing right, or wrong, or missing. What works? What doesn't? What would you like to see? You can keep an eye on the commits at the bitbucket repository, as well as file issues, fork the repository, etc.

As long as the traffic isn't too heavy I'll have the development documentation up at devio.us as well. Go here to see it.

I had originally meant to post this for the recent Third Annual Week of OSSEC, but ran out of time.

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